Transmission Torque Specs and Bolt Sizes.


I'm trying to bolt my new M5 to my 2.9l and I can't seem to find the torque specs.....
I thought I had read somewhere that they were 38lbs...

I need transmission to block torque specs.
Transfercase to Transmission specs.
Driveshaft to transfercase specs.
Crossmember specs*. (The one that supports the trans.)
Transmission Mount specs*. (The nuts for the rubber piece.)

*If these matter significantly...

I also had a mishap with my hardware.
Here are some pictures.

Main group.

Long Ones

I know these are the starter bolts.

I have washers on these ones, are they supposed to have washers or did the washers get on there by accident?

Also, what size bolts and grade will I need for the transmission to transfercase bolts?
Those seem to have walked off as well...


it looks like the washers was added to make them shorter....I can't see them real well though.I know when i first pulled my trans in my 85 there was bolts that had like 5-8 washers on them.


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